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Local Teens go Roller Skating with the Galt Teen Center

The GTC hosted Teens in February at the Roller Rink.

"Twenty teens had a blast at our last field trip to a roller skating rink!

Several teens had never roller skated before! Many held hands or carefully skated along the wall.

They played “red light, green light,” and danced the “Cha-Cha Slide.”

We had an amazing, attentive server and teens were treated to pizza, soda, & ice cream. Our bus driver was super nice and the bus ride was very comfortable.

The day was topped off with a beautiful rainbow in the sky on our drive home. 

The Galt Teen Center is able to offer free field trip opportunities for local teens thanks to a grant from Sacramento County." - Sarah McFadyen, GTC President

Want to learn more about the Galt Teen Center or catch the next field trip?

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