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Boxing Demostration at The Teen Center

Updated: Jun 22

Boxing Demostration at The Teen Center

On Friday, June 16, during its “After Hours by the Tower” series, the Galt Teen Center (GTC) welcomed Coach Russ from Guerrero’s Boxing Gym to do a demonstration for the teens. Several of his boxers joined him, going through various drills and some sparring. Coach Russ emphasized the physical and mental benefits of boxing, as well as the importance of keeping a disciplined physical practice. Coach Russ encouraged the teens to come out to the boxing gym and thanked GTC for what they did for local teens. He also invited several GTC teens to try some impromptu one-two punches. The GTC sends a special thank you to Coach Russ, the boxers and local teens!

— Annette Kunze, President, Galt Teen Center 🥊

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